Paul Hickman is not only a skilled website developer but also a true car enthusiast. With a passion for the web, he has been building and maintaining websites since the late 1990s, showcasing his expertise in the digital realm.

Alongside his professional pursuits, Paul is a dedicated kickboxing instructor, running multiple classes each week. His commitment to physical fitness extends beyond kickboxing as he spends his leisure time mastering the art of Wing Foiling. Currently serving as a Wing Surf instructor, he aims to qualify as a Wing Foil instructor this year.

When not engaged in his various pursuits, Paul enjoys spending quality time with his family and their dog, Whisky, and recently returned from an incredible holiday on the picturesque Isle of Islay in Scotland.

My Perfect Buzz:

  • Type: Long wheelbase multi-use van
  • Purpose: Transporting kickboxing equipment during the week
  • Recreational Gear: Carrying wingfoiling/board sports equipment during weekends
  • Travel Adventures: Ideal for exploring Scotland and Europe
  • Off-road Capability: 4×4 version with ample ground clearance
  • Mountain Excursions: Enabling wingfoiling in tarns/lakes amidst the mountains
  • Accessibility: Closer proximity to mountain locations for convenient van access

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