Chris Nelson is a lifelong car enthusiast with a particular passion for Volkswagen. He embarked on his journey in the motor trade in 1991, starting as an apprentice technician for Volkswagen. Over the years, Chris has gained extensive experience in various aspects of the industry, including manufacturer-trained paintwork refinishing, customer service, and business management.

In 2007, he established Complete Car Cosmetics, a mobile service specialising in minor paintwork repairs. Today, the company employs 10 skilled professionals across two well-equipped units and is highly regarded for its quality workmanship. Chris’s commitment to delivering exceptional craftsmanship resonates with the ethos of

Outside of work, he enjoys engaging in family activities, mountain biking, and attending classic car shows.

My Perfect Buzz:

  • Type: Buzz Cargo
  • Suspension: Lowered for a sleek look
  • Wheels: Stylish 21-inch wheels
  • Versatility: Removable rear seats and multiple bike mount rails
  • Family-friendly: Suitable for family outings
  • Adventure-ready: Ideal for thrilling biking adventures
  • Functionality: Slide-out pod for added convenience
  • Overnight capabilities: Sleep comfortably during camping trips

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