We supply genuine VW front, back and ID. Buzz lettering badges.

They are all custom painted in your choice of colours for your ID. Buzz

Badge Packs £350

One of our customers most popular purchases is a Buzzin.Life Badge Pack, containing a front badge, a back badge and the ID. Buzz lettering, painted in your choice of colours.

To order your pack, simply add one of each type of badge and when they are all in your cart, the £45 discount will be automatically applied.

If you would like us to fit them and can bring your Buzz to Derby, please add the fitting as well and that will be automatically discounted too.

If you want to fit them yourself, please refer to our handy Badge Pack Fitting video guide below. All badge packs that we send out come with a fitting kit, to make it as easy as possible for you to fit them yourself.

Up to £55 Trade-in

Send or bring us your original front and rear badges and get up to £55 trade-in (£30 rear, £25 front).

Check out our Badge Pack Fitting video to see how to remove them without damage.